I Need Some Help…

I was asked to be the Keynote Speaker for the California Physical Therapy Association Conference next September – to speak about the last 30+ years in rehabilitation, providing insights about our successes and failures and solutions for the future.  Let me know what you want me to include in that talk:

  • What have been our successes?
  • Any stories?
  • How about failures?
  • And, any solutions to address the failures?

If I would give the speech today I would say that we have failed when it comes to cardiac risk factor management.  The evidence in the scientific literature describes that deleterious effects of a sedentary lifestyle on weight management, diabetes, hypertension, and the eventually, predictable, sequelae of cardiovascular diseases.  The evidence for exercise to manage the risk of cardiovascular disease is also quite strong.  But, as a society, we are heading in the wrong direction.  And, as the health care professionals, we are not successful at altering the direction.

For example, note the statistics reported from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

In California:

  • In 1994 –  14 % of the population was obese and 4 % had diabetes
  • In 2004 –  22 % of the population was obese and 7 % had diabetes
  • In 2014 –  24 % of the population was obese and 9 % had diabetes

The CDC is clear about describing the solution to prevent the progression from prediabetes to diabetes: Increase physical activity and lose weight.

Hmmm, I think all of us devotees of MoveCalifornia need some help with getting the movement happening.

One goal of teleMOVEMENT is to do just that.

Let me know about other stories of failures or successes.
—Joe Godges, teleMOVEMENT Lead Clinical Consultant

Joe Godges is completing a 10-year tenure as the ICF-based Clinical Practice Guidelines Editor for the Orthopedic Section of the APTA, Inc. Dr. Godges will now focus his effort on making the science embedded into clinical practice guidelines come alive in implementation tools, such as his work with TeleMOVEMENT. Dr. Godges is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy for the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California where his primary role is to support clinical residency and fellowship programs and the development of the clinical instructors through high quality clinical education, nationally and internationally.

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