The role a physical therapist can play in connecting our children, students, athletes, families, residents, tribes and communities to health has expanded.

Opportunities for delivering an expanded patient experience can be overwhelming!

While thinking about those enhanced experiences, we discovered the beauty of expanding the opportunity to connect.

The right connections at the right moments are central to health.

The patient experience is connection.

The role of movement in improving health exists on a continuum across the changing needs of a lifetime. Connections with individuals and communities at general and nuanced points along this continuum offer numerous opportunities.

Improving patient experience and the inseparable engagement through making knowledge useful is a big part of teleMOVEMENT.

We simply did not expect that the tools we created to allow better connection between physical therapist Teams and their patients could be used in such transformative ways. Movement For Life indeed!

The population health arena and community health improvement.

Creating access to novel and emerging movement based care is invigorating when the potential is considered in endeavors such as California’s Building Healthy Communities.

Again, it seems to be about the connections. Health is about connection.

We are grateful to have been connected to powerful ideas from thoughtful and generous people like Tony Iton , Matthew Holt, Nick Adkins and Ignar to name just a few. Through connection we have been able to learn the power of community in true health and the power of expanding collective impact. .

We just never imagined the value of connecting. The power of connection.

With gratitude…

Connecting people to health.

James E. Glinn, PT, DPT, OCS is the Founder of the Movement For Life Team with locations in North Carolina, Arizona and California. He shares responsibility for the leadership, strategic planning and operations of the multi-facility organization, while heading up the wellness and lifestyle programming for the Team. Jim is a graduate of the medical center at Loma Linda University, and he completed his doctorate in Physical Therapy through the University of St. Augustine and the North American Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. Glinn serves as faculty for the EIM and Northeastern University Doctoral programs. In both his personal and professional experiences, Jim has coached and rehabilitated All-Americans, Olympians, and Amateur and Professional athletes.

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