Anyone That Thinks This is OK is Crazy…

There is no way that anyone that is actually treating patients in the US Health Care system could think this is good for anyone’s actual health.

In my profession of Physical Therapy we are made to jump through a variety of proverbial payment hoops in order to care for our patients and serve our communities while making sure our Movement For Life employee owners can grow and develop as we serve.


Here are my interpretations of some of the insurance company’s guidelines…


We are going to pay you for your time. The slower you go, the more we will reward you. Try to be really inefficient if you want to be paid the most for your time.

We don’t pay you unless it takes at least 8 minutes.

Sometimes 22 minutes is valued at half of what the same

thing taking 23 minutes is valued.

You can spend your time with one person at a time. Only 1.

Enter very specific data into patient records that will change (some times dramatically) from time to time or you will not be paid for your services provided.

After we pay you we can go back and take all the money back.


Why would anyone want us to provide care this way?

We can do better.

Better for our patients and communities.

Better for our colleagues and our peers.

Better for us.


~Jim Glinn, Founder of Team Movement for Life

James E. Glinn, PT, DPT, OCS is the Founder of the Movement For Life Team with locations in North Carolina, Arizona and California. He shares responsibility for the leadership, strategic planning and operations of the multi-facility organization, while heading up the wellness and lifestyle programming for the Team. Jim is a graduate of the medical center at Loma Linda University, and he completed his doctorate in Physical Therapy through the University of St. Augustine and the North American Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. Glinn serves as faculty for the EIM and Northeastern University Doctoral programs. In both his personal and professional experiences, Jim has coached and rehabilitated All-Americans, Olympians, and Amateur and Professional athletes.

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